Dave, I just do not know what to say. You quote Mable Collins …

I pull down my weathered copy Of Light on the Path. A friend over the years. I look at Yogi Ramacharaka’s Yogi Philosophy, considered by me to be an exposition on Light on the Path.

From there there is Alcylone’s (Krishnamurti) At The Feet of the Master. An innocuous enough work of some 65 pages that pretty much operationalizes, at least for me, all of the above. My marching orders, if you wish.

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It was Douglas Keene who reminded me of Mable Collins. I thought he had a great comment that fit snugly with my ideas. The many tiered understanding of light is often overlooked by people.

Boehme observed that once light leaves a candle it is neither part of the candle and is divorced from the flame. We now would say It is a quantum problem.

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