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Thanks Inky. I didn't want to make this piece too long or stuck somewhere in an art history weed field so I couldn't make it as interesting as I might have like it. Classifying art is a slippery and dangerous game. There are many factions who jealously protect their territory and often receive grant money to fence in their areas of interest creating their own experts. I'm sure I stepped on someone's toes with this essay and it will be controversial to some. It is unavoidable. I used my paintings as examples because I had images on hand and they illustrated my point but there are many other artists out there.

And just because I pointed out pieces with strong colors it does not mean that others have used very soft colors and tints to express emotional motifs. Milton Avery does a very good job without strong colors https://www.wikiart.org/en/milton-avery

His work tends to be in the Figurative Expressionist school but paintings can be even more abstracted and still be in the Expressionist field so long as the work evokes feeling beyond the ordinary world. Mark Rothko comes to mind.

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